A Lil Positivity: 13 And 15-Year-Old Nigerian Brothers Build Mobile Web Browser To Rival Google Chrome

This is what we should applaud…



Teenage Nigerian Brothers Build Mobile Web Browser

These secondary school students taught themselves to code and, with encouragement from their parents and school, they’ve achieved something extraordinary.

Via PTech Magazine:

Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime, 13 and 15 years old respectively, are students of Greensprings school, Anthony Campus, Lagos, and they developed an Android based web browser called Crocodile Browser Lite sometime last year.

Osine’s interest in computers began at the tender age of 7, the same age which he and his brother –who was 9 at the time (born June 1, 1999), decided to start a company of their own. Inspired by Microsoft’s “Windows” platform, they initially named their new company ‘Doors’, but later changed the name to ‘BluDoors’ when they found out that the initial name had been taken.

The two brothers decided to learn to code at ages 12 and 14 respectively. “I learnt to code by…

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